When the contract begins it is the responsibility of the tenants to take their gas/electric and water meter readings (if applicable). These should then be emailed to Easy Lettings so we can keep them on file. By doing this tenants ensure they are not charged for utilities on the property before their tenancy starts.

 How much do bills cost on average?

This depends on the size of the house and its energy efficiently. We suggest on average a tenant budgets approximately £10-£15 pounds per week for all bills.

Setting up your own bills…

If the bills are not included in your tenancy, it is the responsibility of the tenant to check with the landlord/agent if they are to set up their own utility suppliers or continue with the existing ones.


If you are unsure who the utility supplier for the property is please contact for:

Gas – 0870 6081 524

Electricity – 0845 6030 618


Or visit: http://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/who-supplies-my-electricity-and-gas/?gclid=CPrY1PaN864CFWwntAodwwq3IQ


Once tenants have their meter readings they are free to set up their own suppliers (if applicable) and search for the best rates they can find.



Glide specialise in providing complete utilities for students at a set monthly/weekly price for each individual tenant.

For further information on this please visit www.glide.uk.com


Receiving bills that are not yours?

In some cases tenants may receive bills that are not applicable to them. If this is the case simply contact the suppliers sending the bills and inform them that you are the new tenants for the property.


TV and TV Licensing

Any television sets that are provided within the property can be used by the tenant on the understanding that any breakdowns or repairs required are the responsibility of the tenant/s.  In addition, unless contracted into your agreement, tenants are responsible for the TV License on the property.

Council Tax

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