Council Tax

Full time students are exempt from paying council tax, however they must complete a council tax exemption form from the Birmingham City Council.


If you are not a student and are a working professional you are liable to pay council tax.


To sort out your exemption the council will require:

  • The complete address of the property
  • The full name of every tenant in the property
  • For students they require – Student I.Ds, Name of the University and full/part time student status and the duration of the course.


The Birmingham City Council can be contacted via:

Phone on: 0121 303 1113

Post at: Birmingham City Council, Finance Department (Revenues), PO Box 4092, B4 7AD.

Or alternatively at:  Birmingham City Council, Resources department (revenues and benefits) , PO Box 5 , Birmingham , B4 7AB.

For more information on Council Tax, please visit: or Email:


Alternatively click on the links below or you can consult your university who will provide you with the necessary information.

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